Thank you’s to my team, sponsor, WRECK MMA and The Fallen.

by Mark on Nov.11, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone,

I want to take this time to thank everyone that was part of training camp, my sponsor, WRECK MMA and The Fallen.

Thank you to my sponsor Lift, who has been a great help and support for me! They have great gear and an amazing clothes line, check them out at :

I can’t thank you guys enough, everyone that has been helping me train for this training camp! I have been training with top notch instructors and amazing training partners; BIG shout out to;

Muay Thai training; Thank you Kru Marek, ”Chilly” Dave MacDonald and Andrew Walters. We have been killing it on the pads, my techniques and combo’s felt really sharp all thanks to you guys. I was able to put my muay thai training in effect during the fight; landing knee’s, elbow’s, punches and kicks. Big UPS yourselves to all the students that help me with my Muay Thai training at OAMA. Merci beaucoup Kru Marek, j’ai hate a m’entrainer encore plus avec toi et a mon prochain combat!

For my wrestling training; I have been going up with “Relentless” Randy Turner to the Montreal Wrestling Club once a week and I usually get to train with Georges St-Pierre, Mark, Sergei, Matt and Jordy who all of them put on a whoopin’ on me! But that’s why I drive 2 hours there and 2 hours back, to train and learn from the best wrestlers in the country! Thank you!

Thank you for my Jiu Jitsu training partners; I have been training a lot with Andrew Walters, Ginger, Remi “Bam Bam” Morvan, Fred “The Cat” Stonehouse and Brandon “Jacare” McGourty every morning.

Also a few weeks back I went down to Cancun, Mexico to take part of the Gracie Adventure Camp. I had the chance to learn techniques from the Gracie family and to also train with some of them. Renzo, Rilion, Roger, Igor, Gregor, Rolles and Kyra Gracie were all there teaching and training with us. I have learned a lot from that camp and I am already working the techniques into my BJJ game!  

Abig thank you to all the students at OAMA Kanata\Carling location for the rounds of rolling and drilling.

For my strength and conditioning; I have been training with Adam at the CrossFit Closer in Kanata. This will be my 2nd fight under the guidance of Adam. The first fight (Leo Santos) I didn’t get to test my SNC in the fight due to getting caught early in the round BUT it was the easiest weight cut to 155lbs in my career and I felt in amazing shape with cardio for days and explosive power! For the WRECK fight against Nabil I was able to test it to the max this time and went the distance with him, 3 rounds of 5minutes of non-stop action. Going to decision is something that I haven’t done a lot. I had a very easy cut and a lot of people said I looked bigger then Nabil at the weigh ins! I definitely felt as strong as him and was able to reverse him on the ropes a few times. Thank you Adam!

Thank you to “Relenteless” Randy Turner, Andrew Walters and Jeff “Jackie” Chan, we went through a tough training camp, thanks for sticking by my side and pushing me and helping me along the way guys.

Thank you to John Danaher and Jamie Crowder for the great classes and the time you put into me training me for this fight. All the training partners at Renzo Gracie NYC and Ricardo Almeida’s Academy in NJ, I had a great week of training camp with all of you and learned so much!

Thank you to Nick Castiglia for putting on another amazing WRECK MMA show. I am very proud of you for doing it for so many years, doing it just for the sport. Thank you for giving me this opportunity and supporting me\not killing me :p through my training camp.

The team; OAMA\Team Renzo Gracie Ottawa. Thank you to all students, sparring partners in Muay Thai, BJJ and in MMA! I really appreciate the help and support from all of you! Organized like a team, fighting like a family! Team-Honor-Loyalty!

Merci maman pour toute la bonne bouffe, l’ecouragement et tout amour. Jtaime fort fort fort! xox

To all of you; Thank you for helping me prep up for my fight, it means a lot to me to have you in my training camp and I definately brought all of you in spirit in the ring at fight night. You are the reason I am confident, fit, strong, sharp and ready to win, Thank you so much!

Thank you to Nabil. We put on an exciting fight for our hometown once again. You showed what you are all about; Bushido. I have a lot of respect for you and you are a true 21st century Samurai.

Congrats to all the fighters on the card and also to my teammates; Jeff Chan, Stephane Bernadel, Andrew Walters, Chris St.Jean and Randy Turner. We put on a hell of a show!

Thank you to Kru Jeff for coming down and cornering me, next time I listen to you and put on the lucky hand wraps! Thanks Kru Chris for being there with me in spirits. Thank you Tracy, your awesome :)

Thank you to all my family for supporting me and coming to watch me fight, I love you very much!

Thank you to all the fans and students of OAMA that came the show and supported WRECK MMA.

Thank you to my head instructor for overseeing all of my training camp and giving me this opportunity to train all over the world to sharpen my martial arts skills and to step in the ring again; Pat Cooligan. Pat has always been there for me in and out of the cage and without him I would never ever would be where I am now. Thank you!

Thank you to the fallen.

They went with songs to the battle, they were young.
Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
We will remember them.

Lest We Forget.


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Thank you to my sponsor Lift.

by Mark on Oct.29, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone,

It’s almost fight time and I can’t wait to step back in the cage! I want to give a big shout out to my sponsor for this fight; Lift. Check them out and support them; Thanks again for the gear, really appreciate it!

Hope to see you all at my next fight; WRECK MMA November 9th at the Casino de Lac Leamy in Hull. Email me at if you’d like some “BoOts! Section” tickets, all price ranges are available from the BEST of the cheapest seats to all the way to VIP – NOT XYZ :p

Take care everyone!


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Pissed off and ready to go!

by Mark on Oct.17, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone!

Since my return from Amman, Jordan, where I lost to Leo Santos in less then 2 minutes of the 1st round, I have been training very hard! I believe I needed this loss to get amped up and get going. I am trying my best to bounce back and take this loss as a positive. I have been training everyday since I’ve been back and I can’t wait to step into the cage to fight again. For the Leo Santos fight camp, I dedicated 6 weeks of hard training, cut a lot of weight, traveled half way around the world to Jordan and sacrificed many things (which I don’t mind doing at all) BUT for 1 minute and 15 seconds…I DO MIND!. That was a lot of hard work for such a short time, such a short fight!

I remember a few years back when I lost to Martin Grandmont by KO 1st round, before that fight I had a record of 5-0, after the fight I came back stronger then ever, won 3 fights in a row and got signed for the UFC. So now to think  of it, this loss against Leo Santos did suck but it’s going to get me some wins! I learn from my mistakes and get back at it, on to the next one as Big Poppa Nick says. Whoever is up next better be training hard, because I have been in training camp since July and only spent 1 minute and 15 seconds fighting so I still have lots left down in the basement ;) . I am pissed off and ready to go!

A few weekends ago I coached fighters at the Throwdown in Gatineau event. I was a very proud instructor along with Kru John Hendo to corner the 9 OAMA Muay Thai fighters. A recap of the night, the OAMA team went 7 wins and 2 loss :)  It was a great night of Muay Thai fights. Now this weekend I will be taking “The Nightmare” Corinne Nehme and Stan “The Giant Killer, The Honey Badger, Kiss of Death” Mancebo to Calgary to coach them  for their Muay Thai fights. I am very excited to see all this hard training pay off in the ring!

Hope to see you all at my next fight; WRECK MMA November 9th at the Casino de Lac Leamy in Hull. Email me at if you’d like some “BoOts! Section” tickets, all price ranges are available from the BEST of the cheapest seats to all the way to VIP – NOT XYZ :p
Take care everyone!


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Great training camp with the Gracie family and BIG congrats to Hammer!

by Mark on Sep.28, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy since I came back from Amman, Jordan. Traveling and also training hard everyday since I came back…I have been “living the dream” as Kru Chris would say. :)

This last week Pat Cooligan gave me this great opportunity to go down and train in a BJJ training camp down in Cancun, Mexico where I was fortunate enough to be taught by Renzo Gracie, Rilion Gracie, Roger Gracie, Rolles Gracie, Gregor Gracie, Igor Gracie and Kyra Gracie…the Gracie Adventure camp! I learned so much and it was a great experience! I can’t wait to try out these techniques, to pass them on and teach them to the students at OAMA and also to add them to my game. What a great time we had down there, BIG thank you to the Gracie family for passing on their knowledge to us.

Also I was very lucky to see my long time friend, my brother, Matt “Hammer” Hache get promoted by Renzo Gracie to FAIXA PRETA! What an honor! I have been by his side for 10 of the 11 years that Hammer has been training Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu and WOW!.. What an achievement. Big congrats to Professor Hammer for his black belt and also to my Professor Pat Cooligan for making his first black belt!  So proud and happy for both of you!

Next up this Saturday is the Throwdown in Gatineau where I will be coaching 9 OAMA Muay Thai fighters. Vince, Regan, Randy, Fred, Cody, Brent, Graeme, Joey and Eric have been training so hard and I am so excited to see them display all that they have been taught and trained for! This Saturday at the Hull Casino will be a great night of Muay Thai fights!

I have a big announcement coming up in the next few days, keep your eyes on this page.

Take care everyone,


Pat Cooligan and Matt “Hammer” Hache ; 2 Renzo Gracie Faixa Preta!

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On to the next one..

by Mark on Sep.01, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone!

It is 11:30pm here in Amman, Jordan. I just got in the hotel from the venue where the fights were. Nick, Pat and I had a nice steak and chocolate dessert already, the food didn’t taste as good as I would of thought but that’s what happens when you lose in competition. I am disappointed about my performance, losing in 1:15min BUT I remind myself I had lots of fun going through the training camp, the weight cut and the fight itself. MMA fighting is my career and if I don’t have fun doing it then I don’t see the point of fighting. This was a very tough fight for me stylisticly but that’s how I can grow in experience and develop my game, by fighting tough fights and tough fighters.

I haven’t seen the fight on tape yet but I think it’s pretty bad performance from what I remember of it.

Although, every fight I get better and better. I didn’t have to go to the washroom 1,0354 times before the fight. I could hear my cornerman Pat Cooligan very well and I finally pulled the trigger and let my hands\kicks go! I threw some punches and kicks with no fear of getting taken down. Leo timed it very well and shoot in for the takedown at the same time as I was throwing the big overhand right and then it was all downhill from there. I knew about Leo’s head and arm choke, Pat had told me already and warned me about it, he was very strong and the choke came on fast. Two of my main goals for this fight was #1 Listen to my coach and #2 Don’t tap no matter what. So mission accomplish, 2 for 2. I listened well and I went right to sleep.

I wish I could of had the chance to show my stand up skills and also show that I have improved in my takedown defense. I should of, would of, could of…But tonight wasn’t my night. I felt like I got my timing and distance quickly and felt very confident in my striking skills but I knew if it would go to the ground I would have to pull out a miracle to not get finished or badly hurt. Oh well, back to the grind, back to the lab to sharpen up my skills and move on to the next challenge.

Big hugs and thanks for all the people that helped me in my training camp back home and got my ready for this fight, I felt amazing in there and I felt all of you had my back; Randy Turner, Kru Chris Kew, Kru Jeff Harrison, Elroy Myers, Jacare, Bowzer, Robert Thomas, M16, Jeff “Jackie” Chan, all my MTL wrestling club teammates, Adam Phonim @ Crossfit Closer, Kru Jamie Crowder, Angela and last but not least my mom, merci de tout l’appui et de tout ton amour, jtaime fort xox.

BIG ups to Nick Castiglia and Pat Cooligan for tagging along with me to Amman and coaching me, helping me prep up and being in my corner all the way, love you guys and I hope you had a fun experience too!

I want to thank and congratulate Leo Santos for this fight. All the best in your future fights and your career. Also BIG thank you to Cage Warriors Promotion for bringing me out here to Amman, Jordan. The professionalism of Cage Warriors promotions is next to none, they treat the fighters so well and are very organized, everything was runned smoothly. I am very fortunate to have had this experience and now it’s on to the next one!

No injuries and I am in great shape, I am ready for the next fight. That is part of the new Mark Holst way of thinking. No breaks, no vacations…just back in the cage for more experience! Like Kru Jeff says; ” Fighter’s fight!”

And that’s just what I am going to do.

Take care everyone and thank you all for the support and encouragements, it’s greatly appreciated!


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Im made it! Lightweight! yeah buddy!

by Mark on Aug.31, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone!

Cage warriors promotions took me out yesterday at the Citadel of Amman city to do a cool photo shoot. Here is one of their pics;

In Amman city; a Roman theatre. This was constructed under the rule of Marcus Aurelius (AD 162-166) I could hear the gladiator spirits giving me some tips ;)



This has been a super cool experience so far! Now I can’t wait to step on the official scale! Last night I went at it hard, I had a lot of pressure and was really nervous about making weight but I did it! Way under too; 153lbs! Lots of sauna, lots of hard work too and it paid off. A lot of it was diet I believe. I’d like to thank my mom and Angela for helping me and supporting me through this hard month of dying\dieting ;) They are the reason I made it!

I am very happy and very proud to be able to make 155lbs again, it has been more then a year that I haven’t done so. I am back in the lightweight division! I thought it was going to be much harder but it was actually one of my easiest cut.

In a few hours I will be stepping on the scale and then finally be able to enjoy all this good looking food :)

I will fill you in so more later on! Take care everyone


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I got Hercules good luck!

by Mark on Aug.30, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone!

This is an amazing experience. Nick Castiglia and I went all over the place already in two days! A big thanks goes out to Cage Warriors for brining me out here. This is a beautiful country and has so much history.

So far what we have visited ; Hercules temple in Amman city, Zeus Temple in the city of Jerash and finished our traveling around Jordan by taking a lil’ swim in the Dead Sea :)

Now the fun stuff; the weight cut. I haven’t check my weight yet but will tonight on the official scale. I am feeling high in energy, I think it’s going to be a hard cut but hopefully not too too hard! The food here looks amazing, can’t wait to enjoy it haha!

I just finished doing a really cool interview in Amman downtown with Cage Warriors and it will be up on their website soon. I will be posting it on here too. If you guys want to see pictures add and check out on facebook Nick Castiglia. He is posting up recent pics of our adventures, I will try to get my hands on some pics too and post them on here.

The weather here is very hot, the food looks amazing, the people are very nice and the whole city is beautiful! Loving this experience. Patty C arrives this afternoon, I am sure he will enjoy this country and experience, I already spotted a nice steak house for us to eat at :)

Take care everyone


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Amman here I come!

by Mark on Aug.28, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone,

Nickel and I took a lil’ snooze and now we are full of energy and recharged from the jet lag! I already adventured around the hotel and it is b-e-a-u-tiful! WOW! Wait until you guys see the pictures. I already got on the treadmill and got my sweat on too so now that that’s out of the way, let the adventures begin! I saw some cool tourist attraction packages like the dead sea and Petra that I really want to visit. I’m about to go out and adventure around outside of the hotel in quest for water, lots of water! My weight is good and I have until Friday to make weight; 1pm Amman time.

I will fill you in on my adventures of Amman in the next days, the internet here is very good but limited.

Take care everyone,

As-salamu `alaykum


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Arrived in Amman, Jordan!

by Mark on Aug.27, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone!

I just arrived in Amman, Jordan with Nick Castiglia! 10 hours flight with big poppa Nick was awesome :) I will be posting some updates on the cut and some pictures on here of Amman. The weight is good and can’t wait to explore this city once the sun is up!

Here is a picture of Kru Chris Kew from MAS training me before I left for Amman

Take care everyone !


Kru Chris da best !

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Interview with Monta Wiley!

by Mark on Aug.22, 2012, under Blog

Hello everyone,

I am feeling like superman these days, even with the dieting :)  I can't
wait to check out Amman, Jordan and fight for Cage Warriors September
1st.I will be leaving the country next Monday at 6am. My corner man
will be Pat Cooligan, Nick Castiglia and Scott THE body. Let the
fun begin!

Here is the link for the interview guys! BIG thank you to Monta for
this interview. Check it!
Take care,
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